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The city of Pori is the capital of Satakunta region in the west coast of Finland with 85 000 inhabitants. Pori was founded in 1558 in the proximity of the sea and this ideal location made it possible for Pori to grow into an international city of commerce and industry.

Pori area is dominated by water – we are close to the sea and the River Kokemäenjoki runs through the area.  Pori is known for its festivals like Pori Jazz Festival, the nature and beach holiday destination Yyteri and the family favourite Kirjurinluoto, which is located in the heart of the city, as well as for large and small events that bring joy throughout the year.  Pori is a great size, with city centre services and the Kirjurinluoto central park are all within walking distance.

Kirjurinluoto is a lush destination for the whole family

Kirjurinluoto is a lush oasis in the middle of the city, with plenty of things to do for the entire family.  Pori is nationally and internationally known for the Pori Jazz Festival held in July in Kirjurinluoto. It is also a popular location for hanging outdoors, jogging, meeting animals, playing in the Pelle Hermanni playground. The area equals five football fields and it is full of slides, monkey bars, swings and pedal cars. The playground is free of charge. In Kirjurinluoto you can enjoy outdoor routes, exhibition gardens and beach by the river.

Yyteri offers nature and beach life

Yyteri is Finnish nature at its best. Beautiful and one-of-a-kind natural landscapes surround the area. Regardless of the season or weather, Yyteri provides experiences and the peace of nature.

The sandy beach of Yyteri, spanning several kilometers, is unique in Finland and is a paradise for sun and swimming enthusiasts. Indeed, there is plenty of space for beach towels in Yyteri: as many as six kilometers of silky soft sand warmed by the sun and touched by lazy waves.

The Yyteri nature trail is located in the area between the famous beach and the Bothnian Sea National Park. The trails allow visitors to lose themselves in their own thoughts or to experience fantastic moments with fellow hikers. Stopping at the bird observation decks is well worth it.

More to see

There are many other things to experience in Pori; museums and architecture, A. Ahlström ironworks area, Juselius Mausoleum, shopping and hustle and bustle of the city, quiet nature and the beach Yyteri, fresh air and pure local food.

The Jusélius mausoleum was built as a memorial for Sigrid who passed away at the age of 11. She was the daughter of businessman F. A. Jusélius. Jusélius wanted to cherish the memory of his precious daughter in a dignified and permanent manner. The mausoleum is one of Pori’s most well known sights.

Pori Art Museum has been famous for its modern art exhibitions for over 30 years and has from the beginning focused on the new phenomena of the visual arts. The basic collection belonging to the Maire Gullichsen Art Foundation, contains mainly Finnish art from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, with the emphasis on the post-war period.

The Ark Nature Centre has a fine representation of the wetland environment characteristic of Satakunta. Watch, listen and enjoy! In addition to its permanent collection, the centre hosts temporary exhibitions and other activities. Jump into nature in the middle of town!

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