Team interviews: Schlab

We are a chat-driven, dynamic group of friends who live in London. We studied Natural Sciences together at University of Cambridge and developed a passion for Mölkky, which kept us mentally stimulated during exam season.

How are you preparing for the World Championship 2018?

  • Extensive social media marketing (follow us on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook – @schlabmölkky)
  • Designing a range of bespoke team stash. We are currently working on securing some sponsorship deals with Shell and Badoit Intensely Sparkling
  • Strict Mölkky-Pimms Training Regime™:

Every Tuesday and Thursday we go swimming in the Serpentine, taking 1 breath every 5 mins for endurance; on Saturday afternoons we go spear fishing for throwing accuracy; every day we challenge at least 5 strong-looking members of the public to an arm wrestle to improve our strength. Most important is recovery, therefore every session is followed by Pimms.

What are your strengths as a team?

As a team, we bring unpredictability to the Mölkky pitch. Together, we are greater than the sum of our individual parts:

Martijn is the team’s chief strategist and long-distance throw king. He is a quick thinker, can name and spell all 197 countries of the world and enjoys rearranging the furniture in his room to maximise the available space. He is best known for once spontaneously taking a flight from Almeria to Leeds, then hitting the “12” from 1,883 km away.

Kenny has pinpoint accuracy and is a tactical wizard. At the business end of a tense game of Mölkky, Kenny once scored 13 on a single throw (he spun the Mölkky in such a way that it first knocked the “12” pin down then picked it up again, then knocked it over again… the referee had to award a bonus point). He also caught a skittle in his mouth with his eyes closed whilst standing 31.5m away from the thrower.

Julius is the strong man. In the last week of March, Julius beat the Incredible Hulk in a ferocious thumb war, whilst using the other arm to bicep curl a blue whale. If that’s not evidence enough, we challenge you – the reader – to select a jar of your chosen pickled vegetable, and we can guarantee that Julius will remove the lid with unnerving ease.

Alex relies on his endurance and consistency to enhance his game. He has completed an intense programme of high altitude training in North London to prepare for this tournament and is well known for once winning a game of Mölkky against himself by throwing 50 consecutive 1-point throws.

What do you like most about Mölkky?

Mölkky challenges the mind and body by combining sharp strategic thought with intense physical perseverance. We think of Mölkky as one of an elite group of sports which include Canal Jumping, Chess-Boxing, and Musical Canine Freestyle.

Describe your team in three words:

“Dreamy butternut squash” – Alex Short, 2014

Choose one:

Evening party or get ready for the next day?

100% evening party. You can find us hitting the clubs in Helsinki celebrating our win after the tournament.

Indoors or outdoors?

Outdoor games. Who plays Mölkky indoors?!

A question for the next team to be interviewed:

What’s your favourite Mölkky number?

Team Cobra from Finland asked you: What do you think makes your team better than Cobra?

We’re an IPA with an incredibly smooth Finnish.

Any words to your coming competitors?

Super looking forward to playing Mölkky with loads of different people, let’s have some fantastic games and hopefully see you in the bar afterwards.