Team interviews: Istanbul

Now it’s time to introduce Mölkky Istanbul from Turkey!

Team Istanbul

This team and organization has grown really fast and this year they are bringing nine great teams to Pori, that’s awesome!

How is your team getting ready for Mölkky 2018 World Championship Tournament?

We have regular training sessions-8-10 hours a week

What are your team’s strengths?

Last year we were in the first place in two divisions: parallel B and Last Chance.

Also this year we took part in France Open Mölkky Tournament and became the 6th out of 380 teams.

What’s the best thing about Mölkky?

First of all it is really fun and an enjoyable game. We have arranged a national tournament and even though we are a new-founded Mölkky club, 72 teams took part in the tournament we held this year. We are trying to spread Mölkky among people, especially among students. We aim to establish “National Mölkky Federation” in Turkey and we hope to be successful. In our opinion, Mölkky is going to be the “the most popular sport of future time.”

Describe your team in three words:

Determined, hard-working and eager to win.


Evening party or getting ready for the next day?

We have took part in several Mölkky organisations and trainings so far so we are feeling tired. This means that we want to have fun after competitions, of course.

Hall (indoor) or outdoor games?


Question for the next team to be interviewed:

Do you think of Mölkky as a sport, if so what are your future goals?

Team Schlab from UK asked you: What’s your favourite Mölkky number?

6 (six)

Your greetings for other teams:

We greet all the competitors from Turkey. We wish everyone a fun tournament.