Team interviews: Japan Mongoooose

Japan Mongoooose

Please introduce your team in few words:

Born in the city Osaka

How are you preparing for the World Championship 2018?

Practicing for 3 years, almost every weekend. All is ready!

What are your strengths as a team?

We respect and trust each other. Also, we fight to the last.

What do you like most about Mölkky?

There is always a part of uncertainty and luck. There is no end to gain skills

Describe your team with three words:

Love for teammates, Love for mölkky, Love for Suomi!

Choose one:

Mölkky-Fest evening party or getting ready for the next day?

Hoping to join the evening event!

Indoor or outdoor Mölkky?

Usually outdoors, but there are also indoor tournaments in Japan

Team SUN VA BAZ from France asked: Are you afraid of us in playing field?

Sorry, we don’t know you, but whoever you are, we will respect you!

Any words to your coming competitors?

Let’s enjoy a fair fight! And yes, we will be taking home the trophy back to Japan