Mölkky Bazaar

Welcome to Mölkky Bazaar! 

 Bazaar street can be found next to the tournament area. The Bazaar offers you tasty food and drinks, product sales as well as some outdoor activities!

Livisti Festival

There will be a great selection of foods made by Livisti Festival. Livisti Festival has a lot of experience of providing tasty food also in bigger events. Burgers, hotdogs, sausages and vegetarian options can be found on the menu.

Café Solo 

Café Solo will bring their great Camionette- car to Mölkky bazaar street! Delicious coffee, sweet pastries and ice cream will be served.

Mufloni Corner

Mufloni Corner, held by football league Fc Jazz, serves cold drinks. There will be a terrace where you can enjoy cold drinks in a good company!


You should visit this candy corner to satisfy your sweet tooth! There will be a lot of to choose from; candy, toffee, Finnish licorice candy and lollipops.

Tactic and Mölkky products

Mölkky fan products as well as other Tactic products are available in Mölkky bazaar street! Welcome to visit us!