Lainaa Mölkky means “borrow Mölkky” in Finnish. 

We have spread #lainaamölkky -games all over Pori. People can now borrow Mölkky and practice their way to the finals! You can do it too when when you arrive!

Share your Mölkky training photos in social media with #lainaamölkky and show off your skills.

There are plenty of places; fields and parks, in Pori where one can play Mölkky.

Please return the #lainaamölkky game afterwards to the same place where you originally found it so that others will have a chance 😉

Where to borrow #lainaamölkky games:

*This list of places will be updated until the tournament begins.

Borrow Mölkky Bike 

There are also 5 Mölkky Bikes in Pori waiting for you to borrow them! Cycle to the closest park and play Mölkky!

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