Borrow Mölkky bike

Borrow Mölkky bike with 1€ and play Mölkky!

There are 4 Mölkky Bikes in Pori waiting for you to borrow them! Cycle to the closest park and play Mölkky!

Where to find a bike:


Borrowing the bike

1. Find the closest place that borrow the bike

2. Fill in this contact form

3. Show the staff that you have done so

4. Pay the 1€ fee with your credit card

5. Ask for bike keys from the staff.


1. Cycle to the closest park and play Mölkky!

2. Remember to lock the bike while parking!

Returning the bike

1. Return the bike and the keys within the same day to the same place before they close.

2. If you don’t we will charge you, 500€ penalty fee.

3. Lost key 20€.

In problem situations:

In case of theft or if damaging the bike your duty is to call: +358 (0) 400839951 or +358 (0) 505993565 immediately


Borrow Mölkky without the bike 

Read more here.